Our Mission

Integrating water intelligence for precision agriculture

Our Values

Every farm is different. Every farmer is different. Every agronomist is different. Agriculture is heavily segmented with opinions and practices all over the world which is why we value passion and education. Our passion for agriculture is what will get us through the hard days and education fuels innovation, career growth, and an open mind for eliminating bias. When talented and passionate people come together in a fun environment that encourages teamwork, creativity, and authenticity it drives our commitment to better serving our customers with quality technology. Work hard, have fun, take risks, and have an open mind. This is what Dark Horse is about.

Our Vision

Precision agriculture is currently driven by maps that don’t change year over year meanwhile water is the master variable driving crop performance that changes daily. Our vision is successfully integrating perpetual datasets with the most variable inputs on the farm in real/near time so farmers can monitor and appropriately manage their crops. 

Industry Insight

The industry is really good at measuring soil variability. EC mapping is approximately 25 years old, there’s plenty of approaches for mapping topography, and wet chemistry soil testing has been standard for over 50 years… what’s next? The bulk of farmers are not soil testing and EC mapping rarely changes over decades making it a one time service. 

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite launched into orbit in 1957 and since then there are now over 8,000 satellites in orbit today. There is over 25 years of earth observation data ready to be leveraged and financial barriers for developing new remote sensing technologies are continually being removed

How We Started

The roots of

Dark Horse Adventures

began with Tyler and Garrett working together for a precision Ag consulting business based out of a large farm in Eastern Saskatchewan.

They experienced first hand the roadblocks and hurdles to implement current and emerging precision Ag technologies on a scale where logistics often trumps agronomy. What caught there attention most was water data being collected on soil moisture probes and how big financial decisions were being made on a volume of soil 1m deep and the circumference of a basketball for thousands of acres

In the fall Tyler and Garrett returned to university/college with an idea that grew into what is now known as Dark Horse Ag Ventures. With the team additions of Alex Melnitchouck, the digital farming and precision Ag evangelist, and Elston Solberg, the Norwegian wizard of soil science and plant nutrition, Tyler and Garrett put up everything they owned for loan collateral and the rest is history

Meet the Team