Our Mission

We are here to simplify precision agriculture.

Our Values

We at Dark Horse Ag Ventures know that precision agriculture is here to stay, but recognize there is a great challenge ahead for adopting both current and new technologies being targeted for use on your farm. We do not see other precision ag entities as competitors, rather as opportunities to foster synergies where we can be innovative with the unique skillsets of our team. We value relationships and want to be your data processing partner that understands your specific needs in the field and office.

Our Vision

Our vision is the decentralization of precision agriculture data processing and advanced agronomy through our online platform.

How We Started

The roots of

Dark Horse Adventures

began with Tyler and Garrett working together for a precision Ag consulting business based out of a large farm in Eastern Saskatchewan.

They experienced first hand the roadblocks and hurdles to implement current and emerging precision Ag technologies on a scale where logistics often trumps agronomy. Week after week of scouting fields and creating/uploading VR prescriptions, their conversations always ended with the same outcome, “man we gotta do something”. Their collective experiences at field days throughout Western Canada proceeded to throw more fuel in the fire with events becoming a sales haven of unregulated products that repelled farmers from even attending at all.

In the fall Tyler and Garrett returned to university/college with an idea that grew into what is now known as Dark Horse Ag Ventures. The mission was straightforward, simplify precision agriculture and make advanced agronomy appliable, easy to learn, and accessible. With the mission set in stone and new ideas for zone management/data delivery on paper, a team was formed with the addition of Alex Melnitchouck, the digital farming and precision Ag evangelist, and Elston Solberg, the Norwegian wizard of soil science and plant nutrition.

Meet the Team