Our PLatform

We are Building the Nerve Center of Precision Farming

Farmers need all their data sources compiled into a single platform that makes digital agriculture quick, simple, and accessible. 

In all seriousness, we digitized the brains of a bunch of really smart farmers and agronomists that live and breathe agriculture…

The Data is Out There...The Connectivity is Not

Farmers should be able to mobilize their data to reduce the cost of variable rate solutions on their farm

  • Yearly $/acre fee

  • Unlimited API Connections 

  • Unlimited Rx map creations 

  • Organize data between multiple platforms

  • Automated standardization, cleaning, and data repair 

  • Built in crop planning

  • Automated reports and field analytics using our easy button

  •  Full access to Dark Horse suite of products including Symbiosis

  • In house hyper resolution imagery

      and more to come…