Welcome to Dark Horse Ag Ventures

The future of precision agriculture is data connectivity and water

And we are building the digital toolbox for farmers and industry

Connectivity is key

We are building a data agnostic platform enabling farmers, retails, and agronomists to organize, analyze, and use our patent pending technologies. No more uploading the same data to every platform you use on the farm, easy sharing capabilities, and endless opportunity for synergy are arriving in the near future…

Water is the foundation

There’s a reason NASA is looking for it on Mars, because nothing grows with out it. The industry has been great at measuring soil variability and crop productivity, but we are leading the charge on scalable solutions that make farmers reactive to changing soil moisture conditions for grain marketing, crop planning, disease models, and much more. 

Our Technology is Complementary

We are giving farmers the green light to leverage all their data resources to make the best site specific fertilizer recommendations possible. Our products can act as stand alone or be combined with your soil variability and crop productivity data for maximum flexibility.

Yield Data Cleaning

Yield data cleaning is a foundational service we provide, and it is the key to unlocking our advanced mapping solutions.

Custom Work

With our digital Ag experience we can make your unique precision goals and needs a reality.

Brain Power

The only thing we are selling is the knowledge enabling more farmers and agronomists to make profitable decisions.