Dark Horse AG Ventures

We make precision Ag simple and profitable

There is a disconnect in the Ag industry between big data and how that is interpreted to farm level decisions impacting return on investment.

Through our precision Ag platform, we address the struggles farmers and agronomy businesses have collecting and processing data with the backing of acclaimed experts in digital agriculture and crop science to keep things simple.

Through our experiences in precision agriculture we have witnessed first-hand the new wave of digital tools being employed on farms across the prairies.

Every new platform or tool had one thing in common, and it was the expectation of farmers and agronomists being familiar with GIS and able to navigate hiccups in data organization or application. Collectively, our team believes something must be done to mediate the delivery and education of new and existing technologies for the advancement of farming.

Products & Services

Yield Data Cleaning

Yield data cleaning is a foundational service we provide, and it is the key to unlocking our advanced mapping solutions.

Custom Work

With our digital Ag experience we can make your unique precision goals and needs a reality.

Brain Power

The only thing we are selling is the knowledge enabling more farmers and agronomists to make profitable decisions.