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Paradigms define how we perceive reality and behave within it. With our basic and advanced packages we have a product that mediates the paradigm shift to variable rate farming through data already being collected on the farm

Both packages include yield data cleaning and profit maps for all yield data used for analysis.

Basic – NPKS recommendation with 3 & 5 zone Rx map

Advanced – Field specific nutrient efficiency reports and Rx maps that are great for multiyear application of phosphate, potash, or elemental sulfur. 

Harvest Zones

Our patent pending process to create maps with productivity values that make crop planning easy, and assigning yield targets to new zones through alternative methods even easier. Harvest Zones is capable of processing infinite years of yield data to produce a statistically significant yield potential rating that corresponds to your target field average for every point in the field. This product is a no brainer for multiyear applications of macros and micros. 

Power Spray

Variable rate application of fungicide and desiccants are one of the most underutilized tools on the farm. Your sprayer is the most accurate GPS on the farm and many have independent nozzle control to minimize overlap. Every acre not sprayed is saving $15-20/acre in chemical. Custom options are available for imagery source. Stock imagery sources available are 10m and 1m resolution. In season imagery can be used for zone creation upon custom request. 

Online Rx editor that will be free to everyone for changing zone rates coming soon


Symbiosis is our platform with a proprietary data layer that predicts water driven yield potential for the whole field. With real time data showing yield potential we are able to bring together nutrient use efficiency, water use efficiency, and profitability under one roof that ties in many of our existing products, and external sources of data. With a working proof of concept completed we are anticipating product launch in 2025. 

Static data is about go fluid.

Products & Services

Custom Work

There are lots of precision Ag solutions that cannot be addressed by current platforms which is why we want to make your ideas possible. Are you having problems doing trials on the farm? Your VR maps aren’t working and you suspect file issues? Do you need custom prescriptions to save a few bucks on inputs? We can do all that and more.



Agriculture is a community built upon innovation and dedication to the craft of feeding the world. If you have an idea that you require assistance with for implementation in your farm or business, our services are available and we are open to collaboration. 




Life is a constant learning cycle, this is why diverse teams are more innovative and get more done. We want to be your precision data processing partner that supports your goals and needs. 

Case Study #1

Q: Is it possible to make a map to spray the weeds in the acres we didn’t seed due to the wet spring conditions? Everything is dried up and we want to control our wild oats.

A: Absolutely, let’s take a look at your seeding coverage data.

Case Study #2

Q: We had a mechanical problem, and we don’t think any fertilizer from tank 3 got applied in the headlands. Can we create a top up prescription with our current zone map to fix our fertility?

A: If you have good coverage data there is nothing to worry about. Let me know what rates you would like for the top up zones.

Products & Services

Brain Power

Educational resources for farmers and agronomists are not what they used to be, and we want to change that. We are passionate about making learning fun and accessible, but also recognize we have plenty of experience to help emerging technologies maximize their value. From teaching and coaching to private consulting we are available to address your unique needs.