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We Have Built An Ecosystem Of Products That Keep It Simple For Farmers To Use Variable Rate Technology

Stage 1

Paradigm Basic provides the entry point with VR zones and nutrient recommendations. Power Spray can be used for cost savings when spraying fungicide and desiccants

Stage 2

Paradigm Advanced can now map nutrient efficiency on the farm to optimize fertilizer rates which saves you money

Stage 3

The accrued data can now be applied to Harvest Zones which optimizes yield targets for VR zone maps

Coming Soon

Symbiosis is our next gen product that marries nutrient use efficiency with water modeling. Our technology creates real time zones with nutrient recommendations both in season and for crop planning in the fall. The best part is you don’t need a soil moisture probe in every field to cover your farm

Crop Planning Starts With A Yield Target And Farmers Have The Historical Data To Make It Accurate As Possible.

Harvest Zones takes years of yield maps and turns farm data into a statistically filtered productivity map

Market Synergy

Use Harvest Zones to assign yield targets to your current VR zone map

Want Variable Rate Maps With Nutrient Recommendations? Paradigm Has You Covered

Paradigm Basic is an affordable intro to VR using your historical yield data. You get maps for 3 & 5 zones with nutrient recommendations. You choose the fertilizer source and placement

Want To Unlock Further Fertilizer Savings?

Paradigm Advanced measures nutrient efficiency over several years of data you already have on your farm, and can be easily incorporated into your field nutrient recommendations

Left is Automated recommendation, Right is optimized recommendation by combining with nutrient efficiency layer
(Patent Pending)

Want To Save Money On Fungicide And Dessication?

Power Spray is our Variable Rate mapping product based on imagery. Our standard resolution is 1m producing a 7 zone map anyone can edit through our free prescription editor on our website. Inquire if you want multilayer satellite imagery based zones, we are experts!

Water Drives Everything

Imagine having the ability to create VR zones and nutrient recommendations based on soil moisture conditions/outlooks post harvest at the click of a button... already here!

Left is average Water, Right is Drought

80 lbs N applied at seeding, this is in season top up based on water driven yield potential

Soil Moisture Zone Maps


The Complete Paradigm Package

Symbiosis is a platform at the forefront of real time zone map creation based on crop available water with the ability to use soil based mapping layers for automated nutrient recommendations.

Beta testing is underway for Spring 2023 and we are looking to spread our reach beyond North America.

Symbiosis is ready to be mobilized for

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There are lots of precision Ag solutions that cannot be addressed by current platforms which is why we want to make your ideas possible. Are you having problems doing trials on the farm? Your VR maps aren’t working and you suspect file issues? Do you need custom prescriptions to save a few bucks on inputs? We can do all that and more.

Products & Services

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Educational resources for farmers and agronomists are not what they used to be, and we want to change that. We are passionate about making learning fun and accessible, but also recognize we have plenty of experience to help emerging technologies maximize their value. From teaching and coaching to private consulting we are available to address your unique needs.