Elston Solberg

M.Sc. P.Ag. Strategic Partner
Elston grew up on a small dairy farm near Ryley Alberta where his passion was baseball and hockey as a player and coach. Later he served on council for 9 years, Mayor for 8. If you Google Elston Solberg, you will find that he contributed to many scientific papers and articles that cover a wide range of agricultural/environmental topics. His professional life has 3 distinct chapters:
• Academic Research – 7 years full time and 8 years part time with University of Alberta (while working at Alberta Agriculture).
• Research and Extension – 17 years at Alberta Agriculture.
• Coaching Growers and Coaches since 2002 as Sun Mountain Inc. – 15 years with Agri-Trend Agrology and 6+ years solo.

Elston has been privileged to coach around the world where he has learned more than he has taught. Some of his favourite sayings are:
• Learn, UnLearn, ReLearn,
• Think Like a Plant
• Balance is always the Key
• The Future is Already Here, it’s Just Unevenly Distributed
• Sustaining the Resource? NO! The goal is Enhancement of the Resource.
• Precision Agriculture is simply doing the right thing in the right spot
and most importantly,
• K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Solberg, where the foundational concepts are 85% correct is more than enough as long as we continually seek incremental improvement whether we’re farming or playing sports or living life.

He is currently immersed in water use efficiency, liming solutions, creation of new nutrient delivery systems and coaching, coaching, coaching. Elston has been blessed with 4 amazing children and 5 grandchildren (to date). At 66 he is more passionate about the future of agriculture than ever. Elston is excited to join the Dark Horse Ag Ventures team and help advance precision Ag practices across Western Canada.