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Getting data where it needs to be

DH - Connect is our data agnostic platform that powers our products and enables farmers to ensure both data quality and organization across farm management softwares. Let us repair your data when you use our products, and you can send it from DH - Connect to your farm management software through API. Starting Fall 2024, DH - Connect will have its own carbon intensity scoring for Farmers using fertilizers from Replenish Nutrients and Soileos. This opens the door for farmers to receive a market premium on their low carbon grain.

Unlock the power of Symbiosis

This is transformative water based risk management for the whole farm

Planning for 2024 Barley crop in November 2023

How do I manage risk if the long-range forecast is leaning towards a dry winter?

Water changes everything in farming, and Symbiosis is a game changer for maximizing profitability in dry land crop production

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